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At Friends in Flats, community is at the heart of everything we do. That's why we go beyond just finding you the perfect room; we also match you with the ideal roommates in those flats. Kickstart your journey by filling out a straightforward quiz to craft your personal profile. We delve into your interests, preferences, and priorities in a shared living space. This crucial step empowers our AI-based matching algorithm to deeply comprehend your personality, ensuring a harmonious living experience not just with your new home, but with your new friends too.

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Why Friends in Flats?

Heading abroad for a semester? Friends in Flats makes it more than just a trip. We match you with like-minded people in great flats. It's not just about a place to live, but creating a space where friendships grow. With us, it's about fun, friends, and shared experiences.

Your Perfect Room-Match

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Unfortunately, we do not offer physical viewings. However, rest assured that our rooms are certified by our quality check team members who personally visit and inspect each location before landlords can list their rooms on Friends in Flats.
  • Not at all. While we specialize in accommodations for international students, our goal is to provide affordable living for young individuals in a vibrant community. We evaluate potential tenants based on personality and compatibility with current residents, rather than student status.
  • Electricity and heating are paid based on usage. You'll pay €60 a month in advance, with a final settlement at the end of the year. The €60 also includes internet. It's possible to arrange with your roommates to manage electricity, heating, and internet yourselves.
  • Yes, proof of income, an employment contract, or a guarantor is required.
  • Yes, the apartments are fully furnished as shown in our listings. Please note that bedding and decorative items are not included.
  • The number of residents varies by apartment.
  • Rooms can only be rented for residential purposes.
  • The rules are consistent with those found in standard rental agreements.
  • A guarantor is needed when your net income is below €1,000 per month.
  • Required documents include a registration certificate (Meldezettel), a copy of your ID, a certificate of salary for the last three months or an employment contract, and a few sentences about yourself (hobbies, living habits, etc.). If a guarantor is needed, their ID and salary certificate are also required.
  • The standard minimum rental period is six months, and tenants must inform the landlord three months in advance if they wish to cancel or leave. This can vary depending on the specific room.
  • No.
  • No restrictions, as long as your flatmates agree.
  • Privacy and comfort are ensured through respectful use of shared spaces. Our main focus is matching tenants who will comfortably live together and potentially form friendships.
  • It depends on the room.
  • It depends on the room.
  • Just always reach out to our support team over the chat on our website.
  • No, unfortunately a student room is only bookable for one person per room.
  • Yes, you can see the possible move-in dates in the application process.
  • The deposit is three times the rent. Unfortunately, it is not possible to pay the deposit in installments; it needs to be paid in advance.